LEST IX: Mediating Mysteries, Understanding Liturgies



The liturgy is said to contain, transmit, and partake in the central mysteries of the Christian faith. It plays a crucial and indispensable role in mediating between people’s life-worlds and the Christ event. The well-known Latin expression lex orandi, lex credendi confirms the idea that there is (and should be) a concordance between the Church’s life of prayer and the content of what it believes, that is to say, between liturgy and faith. However, the question of how precisely this connection is to be conceived of still requires considerable reflection and research. The LEST IX Conference aims at contributing to the ongoing discussions about the ways in which the mysteries of faith are mediated and how Christian liturgies can or must be understood. In so doing, it engages fundamental and systematic theology as well as liturgical scholarship.  See Conference Home Page Here.