The Theological Anthropology Blog is committed to hosting conversations at the intersection of theology and daily life.  We believe that the relationship between seemingly abstract theological doctrines and concrete life experiences often remains unclear, and we are convinced that both need each other.  

Therefore, we strive to explore the concrete implications of seemingly abstract doctrines, or vice versa, reflect on the theological meaning of contemporary events.  Politics and economics, sport and the arts, modern parenthood, human rights, literature and film are a few of the many topics in our ambit.  

 You are welcome to join the conversation either by contributing a blog post (contact us) or by simply using the comment section.  


The Theological Anthropology Blog is maintained by the Anthropos Research Group, housed in the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Catholic University of Louvain (Leuven).  It is sustained by editors and contributors committed to furthering interdisciplinary dialogue between theology and other academic disciplines.